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As one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries.Our portfolio is designed to meet very specific needs with as much precision as possible. At the same time, our research and development is focused on addressing the key trends of our time. These include energy efficiency, renewable raw materials, emission-free mobility, and conserving finite resources. High performance excipients leveraged on high-quality standardsPharmaceutical Excipients for effective solubilization, bioavailability enhancement, controlled release, target delivery, stabilization, continuous manufacturing, preservation and viscosity enhancement.With a positive and progressive track-record ...
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A&C is a global GMP manufacturer of excipients, buffers, process solutions and a select number of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We have been servicing the life science industry since 1966, and expanded our footprint globally through the years. We currently have offices and GMP production facilities in North America and Europe.A&C works with a variety of products at our three GMP manufacturing facilities. We began with custom manufacturing of high purity solutions in 1966. The applications of our products include injectable, dermal, nasal, ophthalmic applications, preservatives, pH adjusters, cleaning solutions, solvents, flavours and aromatic compounds, lubricants, binders, antioxidants, process solutions and buffers. We offer GMP customized services for all our excipie...
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Antares Vitamin E TPGS has a record of safety based on decades of use in humans and animals and on reported toxicology studies. It is safe for transportation, storage and handling. Vitamin E TPGS has a self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status when used as an oral dietary supplement of vitamin E.Antares Vitamin E TPGS solubilizes, emulsifies, and enhances the absorption of difficult to absorb lipophilic APIs in a wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systems. This ensures your drug will work as though it has high potency API.Advantages of Antares Vitamin E TPGS as an Emulsifying Agent in Pharmaceuticals:• Available in NF grade• Versatile, functional excipient with proven success in oral (solids and liquids), topical, ocular, mucosal and parent...
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上市日期: 2017-02-16

A-Comprez® Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous

DI-Comprez® Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate

TRI-Comprez® Tri Calcium Phosphate

PressCAL® Calcium Carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Stearate



Company Profile


Sudeep Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is a leading producer of Calcium based Pharmaceutical, Food and Feed ingredients in India for the last quarter of a century.

Established in 1989, we are one of the country’s largest manufacturers and exporters of Calcium Phosphates and Calcium Carbonate. With an annual manufacturing capacity of 10,000MT, we deliver Pharma, Food and Feed ingredient solutions to over 750 customers across 30 countries.

Quality is one of the most important aspects of our corporate philosophy. We strictly adhere to the guidelines set in our quality manual to ensure consistent production, quality and optimum client satisfaction. All our products are manufactured under standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) & comply with various international official compendia such as The United States Pharmacopeia / National Formulary (USP/NF), The European Pharmacopeia (EP) & the British Pharmacopeia (BP).

At Sudeep Pharma, we are committed to enhance the end-use effectiveness of ingredients manufactured by us.We constantly work towards setting a benchmark for our unmatched quality standards by employing innovative, advanced and reliable approach. Our state-of-the-art facility at Vadodara is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Located in the heart of the city, our facility is superbly connected to all parts of the country.

Our core strength lies in our skilled and driven employees. They are an integral aspect of our corporate vision as well as the production chain. Their professionalism and dedication to offer superior quality and powerful products has ensured global goodwill and worldwide acceptance of our products.



In the medical domain there is an ever increasing demand for Calcium Phosphates as Calcium and Phosphorous are two very essential minerals for a healthy body. Medical professionals and health conscious consumers understand its nutritional value and the major role it plays in maintaining healthy bones and fighting osteoporosis. Studies have shown that Calcium when combined with Phosphorous is rendered more effective.

Calcium Phosphates are important excipients used as diluents and fillers in the Pharmaceutical and Food industry because of their inherent characteristic of compatibility with most other active ingredients.


Calcium Phosphates:

1. A-Comprez®

Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Powder

Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Directly Compressible

Di Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous Fine Granular


2. DI-Comprez®

Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate Powder

Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate Directly Compressible

Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate Unmilled


3. TRI-Comprez®

Tri Calcium Phosphate Powder

Tri Calcium Phosphate Directly Compressible

All above grades comply with BP/EP/USP latest editions & EC Regulations.


Calcium Carbonate:

1. Calcium Carbonate BP/EP, USP Powder (Grounded & Precipitated)

2. Calcium Carbonate Oyster Shell Powder

3. PressCAL® MD90 (Calcium Carbonate (MD) 90% Granular)

4. PressCAL® MD95 (Calcium Carbonate (MD) 95% Granular)

5. PressCAL® MD92.5 (Calcium Carbonate (MD) 92.5% Granular)

6. PressCAL® MA92.5 (Calcium Carbonate (MD+AC) 92.5% Granular)

7. PressCAL® AC90 (Calcium Carbonate (AC) 90% Granular)

8. PressCAL® GS90 (Calcium Carbonate (GS) 90% Granular)

9. PressCAL® CS90 (Calcium Carbonate (CS) 90% Granular)

10. PressCAL® HC98 (Calcium Carbonate (HC) 98% Granular)

11. PressCAL® AC95 (Calcium Carbonate (AC) 95% Granular)

12. PressCAL® PVP97 (Calcium Carbonate (PVP) 97% Granular)

Wide range in Particle Size available


Newly Introduced Products:

· Ferric Pyrophosphate

· Ferric Orthophosphate

· Magnesium Carbonate

· Magnesium Stearate

· Simethicone 30% & 100%

· Sodium Bicarbonate


For more information, please visit:  http://www.sudeepgroup.com/

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