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We are a Swiss chemical company, active globally. Driven by technological innovation and our passion for chemistry, every day we push our boundaries to create better products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutrition industries worldwide. Today, our portfolio includes more than 2,500 products delivered to the world's leading companies. From the moment we conceive an idea to the moment we bring your product into the market, we are dedicated to excellence at every step. Excellence made in Switzerland, trusted by the world. Today, VIO Chemicals is constantly evolving in its chemistry and customer base. Currently, we are developing innovative processes for the production of new, advanced proprietary products and expanding our service to emerging markets and new location...
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Macco Organiques, s.r.o. is a leading producer and supplier of inorganic mineral salts for manufacturers of parenteral and oral drugs and nutrition, IV and dialysis solutions, biopharma, health care, infant formulas. Major products: calcium, magnesium, potassium chlorides and sodium, magnesium, zinc, ammonium sulphates + others. Certifications and registrations:  GMP Q7, FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, US FDA inspected Facility, CEP/CoS, US DMF, Jap DMF, Chinese DMF, ASMF… Macco Organiques acquired the French company Isaltis, a world-leading producer of organic mineral salts.For more information, please visit:  http://www.macco.cz/
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With our enthusiasm for permanent progress and typical Swiss quality standards, we have achieved a leading international position in the chemical industry. Our core competence is the development and manufacture of nonionic and anionic surfactants. Schaerer & Schlaepfer is specialized in the field of surface-active substances for a variety of applications. Focussing on alkoxylations of complex starters with various oxiranes, our product range also includes: carboxylic acid esters, surfactant mixtures, formulated preparations and anionic surfactants – such as sulfated castor oil, alkyl phosphates/sulphates and sulphosuccinates.While we look back with pride on over 70 years of company history, we look forward to shaping the future with our highly qualified staff. We do this by addres...
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Established in October of 1978, DSP Inc. began producing pure chemicals such as basic analytical reagents and continued expanding its product lineup with over 2000 different products including chemical reagents, raw medical care products, electronic industrial reagents, and food additives to become top domestic company in this particular field. By developing HPLC solvents and pesticide residue reagents DSP Inc. was able offer domestic companies to use more cost-effective domestic products for expansive foreign products.Simultaneously, we are seeking foreign buyers aggressively, and our exportation is growing exponentially as a result of such effort.Pharmaceutical Raw MaterialsOur company's raw medical care supplies production began in 1979, and obtained KGMP and BGMP in 2001 to present...
Specialty Minerals, a U.K. based wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc., is the world’s largest manufacturer of precipitated calcium carbonate and has a history dating back to 150 years of innovation in the manufacture and use of this widely used product.The company has achieved great success due to their commitment to staying at par with advances in technology. Their research and technology centres are consistently developing new products for the fast growing market. Specialty Minerals’production facilities are fully compliant with international quality standards. Additionally, precipitated calcium carbonate for pharmaceutical applications is covered by a specific certificate of suitability from the ‘European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare.For mor...
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